Creative concepts for the Eddie Bauer pitch. Visual design by Jodi Vautrin and Toth + Co.
We performed analysis on the Sperry Top-Sider brand experience and provided suggestions for evolving it further into the digital and social age.
We created a Tumblr page to show the Sperry team where some of the inspiration behind our pitch concepts came from. We also used this blog internally to keep agency team members on the same page as we developed each creative concept.
We created this world map for the Sperry pitch to show user-generated content from around the world that was nautical or Sperry-focused, sourcing various social channels such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Chictopia, and Lookbook.nu. This map supports a concept of connecting the Sperry brand to nautical culture at a global level, and tapping into consumers to generate seaworthy content. It says global and a passion for the "see" and around the sea in one fell swoop.
We performed a competitive analysis that covered brand attributes, beliefs and behaviors; evaluating each competitor's website and social channels; and comparing activity on popular street style websites.
Created a brand experience map to show different audience perceptions of the brand and potential connection points.
Assignment: In 4 hours, concept and design at least 2 home page modules that target the user goals of "play", i.e. where the user is not in pursuit of a specific goal. When we think of “play,” we think of ways the user can interact with the product set in a playful or whimsical way that may (or may not) lead to a commerce interaction.
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