I started out in eCommerce UX/Digital Product, sketching my vision for the Product Detail Page (the “money page”) and later seeing it come alive, partnering with visual design, data, research, marketing, engineering, and inventory.  
I was then handpicked for their incubator, Valiant Labs, concepting, designing, and researching new app ideas for workout motivation. In my 3rd role, I ran qualitative and quantitative research on digital products and services, shoes, and store experiences in the Data COE. I ran the membership brand tracking survey program with ½ million consumers. 
• New commerce-in-the-cloud shopping platform placed Nike at the forefront of the direct-to-consumer shift, enabling over $5B of DTC annual sales globally
PDP redesign led to record-high, industry-leading NPS of 72, with a 6.5% conversion lift via TrueFit tool
• Development of new features and scalable technologies in SNKRS helped the app eclipse $1B in annual revenues
 Product Detail Page (PDP) redesign: from sketch to reality
Valiant Labs Incubator 
Global Consumer Knowledge (Data, Analytics, & Research)

Quarterly Happiness Survey Invite

Digital Happiness Surveys

Membership Video Interviews

Retail Concept Naming Omnibus Survey

Service Experience Concepts
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