www.bravehearts.com (no longer active)
The Bravehearts campaign became the concept that expressed both the overall brand sentiment and a new online experience at bravehearts.com where girls can share their style and stories. Toth’s strategy was a multi-media campaign of digital, social, print, mall media and retail components to be used in markets around the globe. Bravehearts.com is designed to fuel engagement, content creation, and ultimately provide a significant source of earned media for Keds. Taylor Swift was identified as embodying a shared brave new spirit: confident, enduring, iconic, eternally optimistic, all-American, and a fashion leader with a great story of personal courage. Taylor was to be Brave Girl #1; accelerating a meaningful connection to young women and strong brand association.
Pre-campaign announcing partnership through limited edition Taylor Swift RED Keds:
> 305 million media impressions
> Increase in Keds.com traffic by 105%
> 57k entries in Twitter sweepstakes
> Sold 1200 pairs of Keds in just 48 hrs
Campaign results three months in:
> Sell-in +100% year-over-year
> 100k increase in Facebook fans
> 500k video views on YouTube
> 30% visitors decide to shop Keds.com after visiting the Bravehearts site
> NYTimes’ Stuart Elliot proclaimed Keds is now fueled by Girl Power​​​​​​​
Excerpted from www.toth.com 
New York Times coverage for the campaign launched in January 2013: 
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